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Aug. 23rd, 2010 03:15 am
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Types of sex I am OK with: Alois can stomach pretty much anything. He became a sex slave when he was still prepubescent, and was generally owned by old perverted homosexual pedophilic fucks. He isn't too bitter about that. Really.

Kinks or practices I enjoy: Time to pull out the Fetish Road Map! Alois has weaknesses for MASTER AND SLAVE, MIND CONTROL (STOCKHOLM SYNDROME), ANYTHING WITH HIS TONGUE, body magic, FAIRYTALES, cross-dressing, hurt/comfort to the x-treme, pedophilia, breath control, GOOD SMELLS, collars, GLOVES, ROLEPLAYING, monogamy (as if that will happen), DANCING, public displays of affection, feathers, tickling, masturbation, WATER, butterflies and spiders, VORE (NOT GOING TO LIE), absence makes the heart grow fonder (fuck you Claude Faustus), PROSTITUTION, sitting on laps, crying, laughing, HOSTAGE SITUATIONS, DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, gags, pampering, piggyback rides, and I'll just stop here.

Types of sex I'm not OK with: Nothing surprises Alois at this point.

Kinks or practices I don't enjoy: Alois really doesn't want to get involved with anything that belongs in the toilet. He may or may not have had some seriously awful experiences during his sexual slavehood. Also, no amputation or heavy guro. He doesn't want bloodplay unless you're his demon, and even then that's sketch. And don't stab him; it won't stimulate his sexual pleasure. And don't crush his head in your hands. He really doesn't like his skull getting fucked.

Willing to write rape or dubcon?: Story of Alois' life.

Is fade to black OK?: Alois will provide whatever it is you desire. Just don't beat him with a cane too hard.


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