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Name: Seth
Contact: AIM: Zarathustra wove – e-mail: sethkukai[at]gmail[dot]com – Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] seth_kukai – Plurk: Sethikins
Age: 24
Current characters: [livejournal.com profile] confessmyname (Kuroshitsuji), [livejournal.com profile] moodboom (Soul Eater)

Name: Trancy, Alois.  This isn’t his real name, but he can’t remember how to be “Macken, Jim” anymore.
Age: 19
Height:  5’10” in heeled boots
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (anime only, second season) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Butler

History link: http://kuroshitsuji.wikia.com/wiki/Alois_Trancy#Background

Unfortunately, the background section is incorrect in many ways.  I will discuss his actual history and how it pertains to his personality below. Canon age: He’s 14, so he will be spending four years in Pleasantville. Canon point: Episode 8 of Kuroshitsuji II.  Claude Faustus, Alois’ contracted demon, has just killed Alois by crushing his skull in.  Alois reawakens in Pleasantville and survives an amazing four years in purgatory prior to entering Las Vegas.

Personality: Alois Trancy is so many things that I have to compartmentalize him.  He’s a survivor, an actor, a philosopher, a fairytale, and an antihero.  There’s more to him than that, too, because he’s human.  It’s really hard to describe a human being, but I’ll try.


I.  Alois Trancy is a SURVIVOR.  He has spent his whole life surviving one fucked up plot twist after another.

a.      Before he was the noble Alois Trancy, he was the commoner Jim Macken.  Jim’s parents died when he was very young, leaving him as the sole caretaker of his even younger brother Luca.  The village they lived in wanted nothing to do with them, so Jim and Luca left it together.  Jim made a life for them out of nothing, even if it was a life of stealing from defenseless old people and snatching jewelry off of corpses in order to afford food and shelter.  They endured hardships like homelessness, hunger, being shit on by cold-hearted villagers, and constant morbid hatred for their circumstances.  But they still had each other, and Jim swore he’d protect Luca forever.

b.      That didn’t work out.

c.      After Luca was murdered, still-prepubescent Jim somehow ended up in the human slave trade with a focus in sexual pleasure.  He survived being a whore for old perverts by disconnecting from almost everything.  (Apathy is a vital defense mechanism to have when the world is just too much for your mind to take.)  He turned into a silent, dirty, defiant, untouchable badass motherfucker—but he was also still a child, and still interested in childish fairytales about wishes coming true.  Eventually, he ended up as yet another “doll” of Lord Trancy—and that’s when Jim decided to put his obscene talents to the test.  Within a few more years, despite his inherent disconnected state, he became Lord Trancy’s favorite concubine.  Jim was so fucking amazing at seduction that he was even gifted a new identity as Alois Trancy, the mysteriously-missing-until-now son.

d.      During that time, due to his childish interest in fairytales, Jim met a demon and survived being repeatedly mindfucked by that demon.  The demon wanted Jim to make a wish, though it’d take a Faustian contract to make it come true.  Jim decided that thinking of a worthwhile wish gave his life actual meaning, which helped him survive for even longer.  By the time he was firmly known as Alois Trancy, he made a contract with the demon and wished for revenge against Luca’s murderer (supposedly another demon named Sebastian Michaelis).

e.      To make a long story short—Alois ended up falling in love with his demon, Claude Faustus.  Why he fell in love is the messiest question in the world, and I will let its answer emerge over time.

f.       He didn’t survive being in love.

g.      He’s had good marks up until now, so I still consider him a survivor.  Love destroys survival instinct, you see.

h.      After being killed by Claude Faustus, Alois woke up in Pleasantville and spent four years there.  He slowly but surely shed (or obscured) all of the traits that his demon had bred into him.  His demon had wanted to control him utterly, so he had morphed Alois-the-survivor into an ultimately weak, needy, scared, dependent child that he never got to be before.  Plenty of time and distance was all Alois needed to loosen that choke collar on his survivalist personality.  He was a wild dog that was tamed by a demon, and he’ll enter Las Vegas as a tamed dog that has somewhat remembered how to be wild again.


II.  Alois Trancy is an ACTOR.  He is extremely good at pretending to be something he’s not.

a.      He can be sweet and innocent.  He can tell the most heartfelt, believable lies ever about himself or his past.  He had to act innocuous and sincere in order to steal the real Alois Trancy’s identity.  He cried and wailed at Lord Trancy’s funeral as if his own parents had just died all over again.  The only person who wasn’t really convinced of Alois’ act was Lord Trancy’s brother Arnold, but Alois bought his silence with money.

b.      He can be playful and childish.  After becoming Alois Trancy, he danced a lot, played hide-and-seek from dusk till dawn, believed in fairytales, laughed loudly, shirked responsibility, breathed freely, cried easily, and generally wanted to have some fucking fun.  He was something of a spoiled brat, too.  Due to Claude fucking with his personality, it was all too easy for Alois to be needy, dependent, scared of the dark, dramatic, devil-may-care, clingy, and debased.  At first, he knew how to turn this part back off, but then it all started to set in like a stain…

c.      He can be stately and responsible.  He knew how to throw one hell of a party for other nobles, where he made plenty of connections, danced with impressionable women, and was generally seen, heard, and respected as the real Alois Trancy.

d.      He can be cruel and harsh.  He abused his servants, berated his demon, stalked Ciel Phantomhive, and just hated, and hated, and hated just about everything.

e.      He can be sensual and sexy.  He operated as a sex slave for years.  For example, he knows how to make someone think he actually LIKES being used and abused.

f.       He can be happy.  The second Alois felt real happiness, when he thought his demon might love him back, his demon killed him for it.  He has never been happy, but he is good at faking it.


III. Alois Trancy is a PHILOSOPHER.  He has learned many life lessons, and he isn’t afraid to relate them to everything.

a.      The meaning of life: “Aren’t eggs over easy rather cruel?  Tearing the shell away, its lewd body is shown to all.  It may one day be an eyeball, guts, or a wing.  Yet I destroy all these possibilities [by breaking the yolk].”

b.      Survival of the fittest: “It’s fine if that old man [we stole medicine from] dies.  He’s already a senile old man.”

c.      Greed lies to us, telling us that what matters most in life is how much stuff we have: “Wait, Uncle Arnold!  You just want my money, don’t you?  Here, I’ll give it to you!  I wouldn’t even feed these moldy scraps of paper to a goat!  There’s the deed to the estate, too!  You can even have the horses!  Take it all!”  After throwing a fuckton of cash off of a balcony: “Look, Claude!  They’re stumbling around like dancers [so they can collect it all]!”

d.      Payback’s a bitch:  “Just killing Sebastian isn’t enough.  On a bed of warm earth, calmly rotting to bone?  That’s no good.  I’m going to give him a more intense agony than death.  For that… [I will take away] that reckless master of his, ‘Young Master’ Ciel Phantomhive…”

e.      (Fanon) When all else fails, start over: “[I am] a field of dying wheat.  Its soil is dead.  You’ve tried to plant something in the soil, but it will not grow.  Your seeds aren’t taking root.  Burn the fucker down, Claude.  Slash and burn.  Fertilize the soul.  You’ll have nothing at first, but even the smallest seed will be fucking useful.  The wheat will regrow, and it’ll be lush and healthy and—everything.  Everything you want.  And you can reap it.  And you can mill it.  And you can make flour, and bake bread—  And you can eat it.”

f.       (Fanon) No one ever said life was fair: “Do you think God told Judas to betray Jesus?  Do you know?  And if he DID—  If he did, Claude, did Judas go to Heaven or Hell for that betrayal?  Just guess if you have to.”  When told Judas didn’t go to Heaven: “Then God is just a jackass.”

g.      Be careful what you wish for: His entire fucking life.


IV.  Alois Trancy is a FAIRYTALE.  He encompasses so many elements found in fairytales.

a.      Good character:  He was Gretel, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood, among others.  He fell in love with Claude Faustus—his demon, his Highness, his Prince Charming.  He wanted them to live happily ever after.  He, too, was another Prince Charming, who planned to save Ciel Phantomhive from an evil demon by splitting his soul into so many pieces that the demon wouldn’t be able to eat it.

b.      Evil character:  He was the wicked stepmother, the evil queen, the demon’s consort.  He was sadistic, cruel, and selfish at least some of the time.  In the end, he lost—because he isn’t the hero, and the villain always loses.

c.      Poverty:  Born in rags…

d.      Royalty:  … died with riches.

e.      Magic and enchantments:  He believed in fairytales.  He probably knew them all.  He thought the nonsense words “Houhe o taraluna, ron de rotarel” could control his demon.

f.       Universal truth: Everybody dies.

g.      Sometimes, though, there’s a surprise ending


V.  Alois Trancy is an ANTIHERO.  According to Aristotle, a classical antihero has the following qualities:

a.      Noble birth.  He stole the identity of a noble, which is good enough.

b.      Tragic flaw.  He fell in love.  This is an extremely unusual tragic flaw for an antihero, but it led to his—

c.      Reversal of fortune brought on by tragic flaw.  Being killed is definitely a reversal of fortune.

d.      Audience must feel pity and fear for this character.  Don’t you?

e.      His actions must increase his self-awareness and self-knowledge.  I previously discussed how his stay in Pleasantville has affected his insight and personality.


Powers/Abilities: Alois seems to be an ordinary human that is contracted to a demon.  Given how he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Claude Faustus after being killed by him, Alois won’t be issuing any ridiculous orders.  (That is, of course, assuming the contract works the same.  He did technically die, after all, but contracts seem bound to the soul rather than the body.)  As for the rest:


He is an active, outdoors type of guy.  He’s in decent shape physically.  He kicked Ciel Phantomhive’s ass in a sword duel despite never dueling before.  He has catlike balance and grace, too, since he jumped down an entire story of a building without being affected by the landing.  With the help of some strong willpower, he was able to drag his hemorrhaging, dying body through a forest for quite some distance.


He is skilled, if not fucking godlike, in giving and receiving sexual pleasure.  This was vital to his surviving as a sex slave for an ungodly number of years.  I imagine he was sucking dick like a pro when he was ten years old, man.


He’s extremely good at acting—and in that same vein, lying.


He can dance well! PART 2


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